At Antsis, we are ready to provide you turnkey solutions for your FPGA based digital design needs. Our team of engineers will tackle all elements of FPGA based development process.

We offer the following design services for Xilinx, Altera and Lattice FPGAs:

  • Feasibility studies for required application
  • System integration, architecture development and design optimization
  • RTL coding
  • FPGA implementation of video processing algorithms
  • FPGA implementation of communication system algorithms
  • FPGA solutions for high speed video interfaces (LVDS, HDMI, VbyOne, CSI, DSI, DisplayPort)
  • FPGA solutions for high speed ADC/DAC interfaces (LVDS, JESD204)
  • FPGA solutions for data acquisition from high speed interfaces
  • Custom FPGA board design for various applications
  • Testing and verification,
    • Testbench development
    • RTL Verification
    • Post-synthesis simulation
    • PAR and Timing Closure
  • IP Core Development and Integration
  • PCB Schematic & Layout preparation
  • Prototype design & Manufacturing