We design, develop and test high performance modules, subsystems and instrumentation for radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave applications covering the frequency range of DC to 110 GHz.

We offer;

  • RF Systems Engineering & Design
  • RF Subsystems & Module Design
  • Modules with COTS RF Products: PAs, LNAs, Frequency Converters, etc.
  • RF Consulting Services
  • Complementary Embedded Systems Design for RF subsystems
  • Testing

We provide solutions for;

  • Amplifiers (LNA, PA, Driver, Wideband, VGA, AGC, Limiting)
  • Attenuators
  • Clocks
  • Comparators
  • Data Converters
  • Filters (Discrete, Distributed, Cavity)
  • Frequency Divider
  • Frequency Multiplexer
  • High Speed Digital Logic
  • Mixers
  • Modulator / Demodulator
  • Oscillator
  • Phase shifter
  • PLL
  • Power Detectors
  • Signal Generators
  • Switches
  • Transceiver

We offer a variety of RF microwave measurement services for diverse types of applications with Sabancı University Cooperation. Some of the measured parameters are the following:

  • S Parameters
  • Noise Figures
  • Phase Noise
  • Compression
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Modulation – Demodulation (BER, EVM, Constellation)
  • Power Spectral Mask